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Iran and South Korea deploy military due Coronavirus

Iranian state TV is citing a member of Iran's parliament saying that 23 lawmakers are infected with the new coronavirus. The legislator is urging colleagues to avoid contact with the public.

Iran has more than 2,500 confirmed cases. Iranian authorities initially played down the extent of the virus, but now say they're mobilizing the military to tackle it. With 77 deaths, Iran has the highest death toll outside China. Worldwide, the total number of infections is now over 91,000. In all, more than 3,100 patients have died of COVID-19, with the majority of those in China.

But the number of patients who have recovered so far from the virus worldwide is over 48,000. South Korea meanwhile has recorded its biggest single day jump with over 850 new cases. More than 5,000 people are infected there now, prompting the president to declare his country is at war with the coronavirus.


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