The gas leaks in the Baltics continue

The gas leaks in the Baltics continue
On Monday, the Swedish Coast Guard made an overflight of the locations of the leaks within the Swedish economic zone at around 8 o'clock in the morning. At that time, the larger leak was no longer visible on the surface, while the smaller one instead had increased slightly again. At that time, the smaller leak was approximately 30 metres in diameter.

The prognoses – based on the on-going discussion with North Stream – stated earlier that the leaks will possibly cease on Sunday. Those prognoses can therefore be said to apply to the larger one, originating from Nord Stream 1. The smaller one from Nord Stream 2 is instead slightly larger than yeaterday. The Swedish Coast Guard is prepared within emergency preparedness for a longer perspective.

The Swedish Maritime Authority has issued navigational warnings for the area, consisting of recommendations concerning distances to the gas leaks aimed at the maritime traffic. The current warnings are published on the website.

The on-going preliminary investigation is led by a prosecutor, the responsible authority for the investigation is the Swedish Security Services. We cannot comment this investigation in detail as there is confidentiality connected to the preliminary investigation.

Swedish Coast Guard published that they are also "restrictive in commenting our general capacity as it can be of importance in other areas we work within. We are in contact with Danish authorities due to the fact that there are two similar gas leaks in Danish waters. We will not comment any other nations we are in contact with".


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