Narco leader Jesús Santrich was killed in Venezuela

Narco leader Jesús Santrich was killed in Venezuela
The delinquent Jesús Santrich was killed in Venezuela, during combats between narco groups in venezuela territories. The colombian magazine Semana confirms the information.
Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano Aponte on Twitter said that "Intelligence information indicates that in alleged clashes that occurred yesterday in Venezuela, alias "Santrich" and other criminals were killed. Information in verification. If this fact is confirmed, it is verified that drug criminals take refuge in Venezuela".

Santirch was a member of the former colombian guerrilla Farc, but when the peace process was signed he became a congress man as result of the peace accords.

During his period on the colombian congress, he was accused of narcotraffic; because of thar he scapes to Venezuela an integrate to the Farc dissidents. His real name was Seuxis Paucis Hernández Solarte a/k/a “Jesus Santrich”.

The US DOJ has a Indictment charges on FARC Members And Associates Charged With Conspiring To Import Cocaine Into The United States. According to DOJ "During the course of their cocaine trafficking, Hernández Solarte, Marlón Marín , Armando Gómez, and Fabio Younes Arboleda represented that they had access to laboratories to supply the cocaine and to U.S.-registered airplanes to transport the drugs within and through Colombia.  The defendants also supplied kilograms of cocaine to others as, among other things, a demonstration of their access to ton quantities of cocaine". 

Recently, from his hiding place in Venezuela, Santrich had threatened to kill Colombian President Iván Duque.


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